The positive effects of a green roof

A green roof not only looks beautiful, but brings with it a number of benefits. If you choose a green roof, you can be sure that you are doing good for your own well-being as well as for the environment.

A green roof can absorb up to 50l/sqm of rainwater, which significantly increases the sponge city effect. This relieves pressure on the urban sewer system and reduces the risk of flooding and associated damage. Likewise, green spaces provide a habitat for wildlife and insects, which greatly enhances biodiversity and counteracts species extinction. Insects are essential to us humans and the ecosystem. They are needed for pollination of plants, decomposition of organic matter, biological pest control, and maintenance of soil fertility. It has also been scientifically proven that green spaces have a positive impact on health and healing processes. If green roof systems are installed on a large scale, this could relieve the burden on the health system. It also stimulates an awareness of sustainability and environmental protection among the population. The more green roofs are installed, the more people will inevitably be confronted with the issue of climate protection.

The 2015 Paris Climate Agreement moved the need for climate change mitigation measures to the top agendas of political and governmental levels. Plantika’s product innovation is therefore of enormous importance. After all, in urban areas, the sealing of surfaces is increasing on a daily basis. According to a publication by the Austrian Federal Ministry, in some districts of Vienna there is even less than one square meter of green space per resident. Rising average temperatures and urban heat accumulation have a negative impact on the quality of life and health of city residents and result in increased energy consumption due to the increased use of air conditioning. Maintaining and creating green infrastructure in the city can counteract these negative trends. Therefore, solutions are being sought to create more green spaces. Plantika offers assistance in this regard, as now, for the first time, the majority of all city roofs can be greened without complicated construction efforts.

We believe that green roofs should become a fixed part of a cityscape, because as we know, green roofs not only make us humans happier, but also have a positive effect on wildlife and the environment.